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Get ready to dig in...June 8, 2024


Welcome to Wiscasset Wormfest!

As dubbed by National Geographic 20 years ago, Wiscasset holds a unique claim to fame as the "worm capital of the world," boasting a rich tradition of worm digging that stretches back generations. Wormfest is a community celebration of this quirky yet integral part of our town's history. Come celebrate our working waterfront and join us on June 8 for a day of fun, food, and of course, worms!

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worm capital of the world photo.jpeg
Photo Courtesy of Wiscasset Newspaper


Saturday, June 8, 2024, 11am-8pm

Location: Railroad Avenue, Wiscasset


Wormfest begins!

The Wiscasset Middle School Band will kick us off with the national anthem.

Free carnival games for kids, food booth from local vendors, and sign up for the relay race and pie eating contest


Wormfest Relay!

Bring your team and get ready to put your waders on! 


Mud Pie Eating Contest

When pie is involved, you know it will be entertaining! Sign up to compete in either the adult or kids competition to eat mud pies (chocolate cream, oreo crumbles, and a gummy worm).


Something Stupid performs

Something Stupid is Maine's best cover and wedding band and will have you on your feet. Bring your dancing shoes for this awesome show. All ages welcome!


Deadly Desire

A new 80s cover band featuring a local as the lead singer! 


More about Wiscasset & the Worm Digging Industry

Wiscasset, Maine, earning its moniker as the "worm capital," boasts a thriving worming industry deeply rooted in its maritime heritage and rich coastal ecosystem. The industry revolves around the harvesting and cultivation of bloodworms and sandworms, prized bait for anglers seeking to lure fish from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.

At the heart of Wiscasset's worming industry are the intrepid harvesters who brave the mudflats and tidal estuaries in search of these elusive creatures. Armed with rakes and shovels, they scour the muddy substrate, carefully extracting the wriggling worms buried beneath the surface. The process requires patience, skill, and a deep understanding of the tides and currents that govern the worms' movements.

Once harvested, the worms are meticulously sorted and packed for distribution to bait shops and fishing enthusiasts across the region. Demand for Wiscasset's bloodworms and sandworms is robust, fueled by the area's reputation for producing some of the finest bait in the country.

The worming industry also plays a vital role in the local economy, providing employment opportunities for residents and supporting ancillary businesses such as bait shops, tackle manufacturers, and tourism ventures. Visitors flock to Wiscasset to witness the spectacle of worm harvesting firsthand, immersing themselves in the unique sights and sounds of this time-honored tradition.

Background Photo courtesy of Kasey Mullins

Interesting in making a donation?

Wiscasset Wormfest is proudly underneath the umbrella of the Wiscasset Creative Alliance (a 501c3) and therefore your donations are fully tax-deductible. All funds raised over the cost of the event will be given out to two or more Wiscasset high school senior students in the form of a scholarship. Click below to donate!

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